Rams News · Coach Petkovic Grabs Win Number 700!

Ram Nation,

Well… yesterday at Dehaven Stadium the boys varsity soccer team won again. I know this may seem as a broken record, but in reality is sort of is. Coach Petkovic has been the head coach at Millikan since the 1980’s and in fact, was the first and only, head coach here. He started the first boys soccer program and is still coaching. Needless to say, over the course of 30+ years at the helm one would assume a relatively impressive record as a head coach… but in Coach’s Petkovic’s case it is borderline ridiculous. As of yesterday, Coach Petkovic’s overall record is a staggering 700 (wins), 136 (losses), and 123 (ties). This roughly adds up to 7.3 wins for every 10 games played. Imagine for a second, if the Dodgers were to maintain this record… they would have to win an AVERAGE of 116 times per year. The major league record for a single season in wins is 116. Coach Petkovic is truly a legend, and his teams over the years have proved to be as well. Petkovic has won several CIF titles (2012 the most recent), and 20+ Moore League championships. Congrats to Coach Petkovic and his team. We are all thankful for your dedication and loyalty to Millikan. Let’s keep it rolling!