Rams News · Millikan Boys Soccer Upset in CIF


The boys varsity soccer team finished as the 4-seed in the CIF Division 1 playoffs. This allowed the Rams to have a bye in the first round. Many coaches would prefer a bye, but it does create a long time to wait for an opponent, especially one who just beat another team. The Rams had home field advantage against the very tough Redlands East Valley. In the onset, the game looked like it was going to be a big win for the Rams. Scoring 2 goals in the first half, Millikan was poised for a big win. Early in the 2nd half, the Rams had a great chance to bury another goal and take a huge lead, but the shot was blocked and the score remained 2-0, Millikan. It appeared that either the Rams lost energy, or Redlands drank a bunch of Monster at the half, because the 2nd half was all Redlands. Millikan rarely had the ball in the Redlands zone for the entirety of the half, and Max Hintz, the Millikan goalie was constantly under pressure from shots. Unfortunately for the Rams, three of those shots found the net and ended the season in disappointing fashion. Regardless of the loss, the Rams had another banner year. They retained the Moore League trophy and put up a staggering 23-1-5 record on the season. Led by their senior captain, Noel Moncada, who is now also the all-time Millikan leader in goals-scored, the Rams certainly earned their place as one of the top teams in So Cal. The Rams also have 19 returning players from this year’s team to hopefully create yet another solid season next year.