Rams News · Millikan Football Locks Horns with the Centaurs


The Millikan football team will continue their pursuit of a CIF title against the visiting Culver City Centaurs this Friday night. This is a clash of two very similar teams. Culver City boasts the highest points scored by any team in division 7. Over 11 games played, the Centaurs have scored an average of 48 points per game to only 17 points per game allowed. By comparison, the Rams have scored an average of 29 points per game (over 10 games), to 17 points per game allowed. Without question this will be a game filled with lots of scoring. Looking at it from an analytics perspective, one would give the advantage to the Centaurs, but if anyone watched the World Series this year… the playoffs is where things get weird.

One advantage Millikan has is that they have faced tougher overall opponents. Of the teams Millikan has faced, the power ranking averaged to 12.6 per team. The Centaurs opponents averaged 10.5 per team. Millikan has faced Carson (Open Division in CIFLA), Aquinas (#1 Seed in CIFSS D5), and Poly (CIFSS D1). The Centaurs toughest teams were Lawndale, Palos Verdes, and Warren who compete in the CIF D5, and CIF D7 playoffs respectively. Analyzing the leagues’ power rankings, the Moore League averaged 8.9 per team. The Ocean league averaged a -1.7 per team. Of course power rankings do not determine grit, efficiency, and execution. These are things that each game holds in itself, however, despite the scoring advantage Culver City may have, Millikan can boast an 8-2 record against teams where they had to dig deep to win. In Millikan’s only lopsided loss against Poly, one may forget that it was only 6-0 at half, with only two field goals allowed.

This Millikan team has a ton of grit, and regardless of their opponent, they have showed up time and again to meet the challenge. Friday night should be a good one. Kick off is at 7:30pm at Dehaven Stadium.